A Mention in the Washington Post


In his column today, the always readable (and often insightful) Washington Post Metro columnist John Kelly included an excerpt from an e-mail I sent him concerning his 9/24 column “Surviving Tough Economic Times? Readers Say, Bring It!”

You can read his complete article here. The following is a direct quote from the paper {including a quote from me [as well me quoting a customer (is this a ‘tertiary quote’?)]}...

“Pat Saine registered polite disagreement with the suggestion that people use libraries rather than bookstores. Wrote Pat: "The libraries I've visited lately have aging collections in mediocre condition." Rather, he said, people should frequent their local good used-book store.

And what a coincidence: Pat has just opened a bookstore in Winchester, Va., called Blue Plate Books. Wrote Pat: "This morning I was chatting with a customer about the latest Washington/Wall Street money drama. 'What should we be doing?' I asked. His opinion was this: 'I'll take this sci-fi novel. Now's a good time to bury your head in a book.' "

“Surviving Tough Economic Times? Readers Say, Bring It!”

“Readers Are Rich in Money-Saving Tips


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