Shelf Progress

We arose early today and drove 2 hours to Ikea in Woodbridge.  We spent the day choosing shelving units, chairs, lamps, step stools and the like. We rented a large pick-up truck. Sixteen sets of 72 inch tall Billy bookshelves - even when efficiently flat-packed as Ikea likes to say - just won’t fit inside of my Mini Cooper.

The day was hot and long. The temperature topped 95. Which made loading and unloading all the more fun. And when I say the day was long, I’m not kidding. We arrived back home around 9:00pm - the Ikea laden truck bed having been emptied into the store. Seeing the empty truck bed, we enthusiastically decided that, since we still had the rental truck till the morning, why not take a load of books down to the store tonight? We could then fill the truck up again for a morning run. The truck bed could be easily filled 2 or 3 times over with the book boxes left over from the big move a couple of weeks ago. So there I am, dragging a handcart in the dark, navigating uphill across the unlit side yard, and then heaving book boxes onto the tailgate while Deb is packing them in. Even though the sun has set, it is still at least 85 degrees out. We’re both tired. We’re hot. We’re sweaty. Our arms are ready to fall off. We finish filling the truck at about 11:00 and get ready to make the trip into town. I ask Deb if she’s game and she puts on her ‘I’m a trooper face’ and answers ‘Let’s go!’

Then a thought occurs to me. It’s a thirty minute drive into town, then another 30 or so to unload. That makes it midnight before heading back for another pickup-bed-loading session. I picture myself at 1AM. Dressed in Roman slave rags like a late 50’s costume drama starring Kirk Douglas or Charlton Heston: I’m bare backed, my body sweat glistening in the moonlight. I’m moving up the side yard hill in slow motion to the methodical beat of the drums. It is then that I realized what Falstaff meant about discretion being the better part of valor.

Instead of driving into town, we decided to wait until morning. We showered and both felt and smelt better for it.

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