What We Serve at Blue Plate Books

The Bibliophile’s Menu

Ex-Library Eggs

Green Eggs & Ham oeuvre easy. Served with Grolier Grits.

Hardback Hamburger

Served with Fiction Fries, Civil War Slaw, and a Chapbook Shake

Horror Hoagie

A classic Italian Sub-title. King-sized helping of Paperback Pretzels & Pickled Provence

Facsimile Fillet

First Edition Fried Fish with Dust Jacket Chips & Closed Tears

Mystery Lovers Meatloaf

Fortified with blended bindings. Served with a side of Mashed Paper & Points Peas.

Verso Vegetable Wraps

Filled with a nutritious blend of head bands, high spots, and hinges.

For Dessert

Enjoy our Presentation Copy Pie or our Else Fine Sundae

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