We Buy Books!

Help us recycle books!

Bring us your used books that are in excellent condition.

We offer cash for books we feel we can resell. Sell us books over the counter from Tuesday through Saturday from Noon to 5pm. Make an appointment with us for large libraries or special circumstances.

We are selective in our book choices. Our offer is based on condition, desirability, market value, printing history, how a particular title or subject sells in our store, and our current stock level. Neither you nor I can know whether we will purchase your books until you bring them in.

What We Like to Buy
We look for books in excellent condition. Hardcover books issued with a dust jacket should have one. We favor classic and modern literature, photography books, local interest, and good mysteries. We buy non-fiction and specialized titles. Author signed books, first editions, & collections are of special interest. And Yes: We do buy current used textbooks. We also like to give a good home to old - not just modern - books, and have a soft spot in our hearts for vintage book sets.

What We Can’t Buy
As new books are published each year, our stock continues to evolve over time. It is impossible to list our exact needs, but we can describe the kinds of books we are not interested in. These include: 

    - Damaged books (including those with underlining or highlighting) 

    - Most book club editions (including Readers Digest Condensed & sets received in the mail) 

    - Outdated computer & software books (including users manuals) 

    - Outdated travel guides and textbooks 

    - Romance books (Harlequin, etc.) 

    - Magazines

We are happy to accept donated books in good condition. We receive wonderful stock this way and we are grateful for your help. If we cannot use your books, we suggest you donate them to the Handley Library or to Blue Ridge Hospice, a not-for-profit health care organization providing physical, emotional, and spiritual care for terminally ill patients and their families in the northern Shenandoah Valley.

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